Having a proper set of tires is key to maintaining your vehicle’s performance and safety. Keep a quality set of tires on your car by purchasing through us. We sell great tires at great prices for all makes and models. We can mount and balance your tires, too. At Forest Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram, we offer online service scheduling, service coupons, a free shuttle service and an online tire store. We sell tires of many different brands. Visit our online tire shop.

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Our Tires

We have a great selection of tires plus a huge inventory of tires ready to be mounted and balanced on your vehicle. We offer tires from all of the major brands at great prices. Check out some of the brands we sell:

  • BFGoodrich
  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Yokohama
  • Dunlop Tires
  • More

Mount and Balance Tires

Tire mounting and balancing is the process of mounting the tire to the wheel (rim) and balancing the wheel and tire around the axle. Mounting and balancing is a standard part of the tire replacement process as it minimizes vibration, preserves tire life, and assures proper tire performance.

We offer fair prices on the mounting and balancing of your new tires. Many places will offer low tire prices to bring you in and very high mounting and balancing prices to make their money. Don’t let some “discount” tire shop rip you off. We offer all of our tires and tire services at low prices.

Tire Types

There are several different types of tires that offer different levels of traction and functionality on different types of surfaces. Check out some of the main types of tires and their basic functions. Passenger tires are for smaller vehicles. Light truck and SUV tires are for larger vehicles.

Summer Passenger or Truck Tires

Summer tires are designed primarily for maximum performance on dry roads. Subcategories of summer tires vary by performance, treadwear and different levels of wet traction.

All-Season Passenger or Truck Tires

All-season tires are a very balanced tire with the versatility to perform on wet and dry surfaces and light snow traction. All-season tires are also often designed for comfort and noise reduction.

Winter & Snow Passenger or Truck Tires

Winter and snow tires provide great traction in snow. During our Minnesota winters, we recommend you drive with winter and snow tires.

On- and Off-Road Truck and SUV Tires

These tires are specialty tires designed to handle various types of off-road surfaces including mud, loose dirt, rocks, sand, and snow.

Track and Competition Tires

Track and competition tires are designed to provide unbeatable traction on autocross and track competition. Many of these tires are not legal for public road usage.

Protect Your New Tires with an Alignment

One common method of making sure that your new tires last as long as they can is to get a wheel alignment. An improper alignment can cause uneven and significant wear on your new tires. At Forest Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram, we can perform an alignment on your vehicle to help preserve your new tires and provide maximum performance. You will have a hard time finding that at a tire shop. In our tire shop, after you’ve selected your tires, check the box for the wheel alignment of your choice. Read more on wheel alignments and how they can protect your set of new tires.

Other Services

For more information on some of our other common services, read more on brake servicesoil changes, and wheel alignments. At Forest Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram, we offer a free shuttle service to your nearby home or office, affordable rates, professional technicians, online service scheduling and online service coupons. To get your hands on a new set of tires, visit our online tire shop, call 651.255.2888 or visit us in Forest Lake, MN.

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