Most Americans drive an automatic. If you do, then you know the basic settings of your gear shift. There’s Park, Reverse, Drive, and Neutral. But what’s the “L”? Here’s an explainer.

What does it mean?

The “L” starts for Low, or Low Gear. It holds your automatic transmission in its lowest gear for certain situations. You can only find the “L” in an automatic. And some newer cars don’t have it.

When do I use it?

This setting is good for climbing hills. It minimizes the stress on your engine when you’re driving up a steep grade. Low is also good for descending hills. It reduces your brake wear because it lets the resistance of your engine slow your vehicle. And, it’s good for towing heavy loads. It gives you added torque for more pulling power, and to reduce the strain on your engine.

Alternatives to Low Gear

Your car might not have a Low setting. It could have a Manual mode, or “M.” That allows you to shift gears manually for added control. Or you have Tow/Haul Mode. This is, of course, for pulling a trailer. It delays your shifts to make the engine rev higher. That adds muscle and keeps you from damaging your transmission. Some older cars also have D1, D2, D3, or 1, 2, 3 settings, or O/D Off mode.

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