Jeeps are incredibly capable vehicles. Some models are even Trail Rated. That means they can handle the roughest roads and toughest weather in America. So you can take all of your adventures to new heights. Every Trail Rated Jeep has succeeded in five categories:


They can handle some of the harshest, most unpredictable driving conditions. You can handle rocky paths, snow storms and more. You always have total control of your vehicle.

Jeep Trail Rated Traction

Water Fording

They can drive through creeks, streams, and even deep rain puddles. All of the electrical connections and body opens are sealed and the air intake is higher. So there’s no water damage.

Jeep Trail Rated Water Fording


They can drive over big obstacles, like hills or boulders. They can veer narrow gaps and safely drive around car accidents. That’s all thanks to their precision steering and optimized wheelbases.

Jeep Trail Rated Maneuverability


They have higher levels of articulation, so your wheels are stable and engaged when any of your tires are off the ground. You can drive through heavy construction or deep potholes.

Jeep Trail Rated Articulation

Ground Clearance

And they have optimal ground clearance. There’s plenty of room between the underside of your vehicle and whatever you’re driving on. You can drive over rocks and logs without any underbody damage.

Jeep Trail Rated Ground Clearance

Jeep Trail Rated Vehicles in Forest Lake, MN

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