Summertime means warm air, spending time outside, and fun road trips. But remember, the sun and heat can be very damaging to your car. Especially if your park outside for long periods of time. Everything is at risk, from your engine to your finish. Follow these steps to be safe and prepared.

  1. Wash and dry regularly. Dust, dirt, dead bugs, and bird poop all reacts with the heat, and can make the paint fade. Wash it off with a car-specific shampoo. Dry with microfiber cloth.
  2. Use wax, sealant, and sun protection film. That protects against UV rays, and keeps your car looking fresh. You can also use a car cover when parked outside.
  3. Spray the interior with vinyl and leather protection products. Cover the upholstery, steering wheel, and dashboard. Condition the leather, too.
  4. Install protective devices. Like seat covers, a steering wheel cover, a dashboard mat, and a sun shade. They’re inexpensive and easy to use.
  5. Tint the windows. That will block up to 70% of the heat. Be sure to check local laws to see how dark it can be.
  6. Check the air conditioner. Make sure it runs at maximum capacity, and there’s good airflow from each vent. If there’s a problem, have it serviced.
  7. Check the tires regularly. Look for weak spots, punctures, bulges, or uneven wear. Make sure the pressure is at the correct level.
  8. Make sure all fluids are at the correct level so your car doesn’t overheat. The coolant level should be on max, and the boiling point should be higher in the warmer months. Check and change the oil as needed.
  9. Inspect the battery. The fluid evaporates in the heat and corrodes the terminals and clamps. Clean that regularly.
  10. Park in the shade. It’s the easiest and best thing you can do for your car. Leave it under a tree, in the shadow of a building, or in a garage. Anywhere out of direct sunlight. Your car will stay up to 20 degrees cooler.

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