When a light pops up on your dashboard, you go into panic mode. Thinking, is something seriously wrong with my car? Should I still be driving? Some of those lights are serious, and others are minor fixes. We’ll explain the most common across car brands.

Check Engine – The outline of an engine, the words “service engine soon,” or just “check engine.” There’s an issue with the engine, like a loose gas cap or something more serious. It has to be checked immediately.

Engine Temperature Warning Light – A ship with its sails down on the water. Your engine is overheating and you need to stop driving.

Tire Pressure Warning Light – A tire with an exclamation mark. One or more of your tires is low on pressure.

Oil Pressure Warning – A dripping oil can. Your engine is low on oil, or there’s a problem with the oil pressure system.

Battery Alert – A battery with plus and minus symbols. The car’s charging system is low on power and you’re running on just the battery.

Traction Control – A car on a winding road. The traction control system is engaged.

Traction Control Malfunction – A triangle with an exclamation mark inside a circle. There’s a problem with the traction control system.

Anti-Lock Brake Warning – A circle with the letters “ABS” inside. There’s a problem with your anti-lock brake system. It has to be fixed immediately.

Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator – A circle with a shoe inside. You need to use the brakes to start your car or shift gears.

Fuel Pump – A gas pump. Your car is low on fuel and you need to fill up immediately.

Seatbelt Reminder – A person with their seatbelt on. Someone in the front row needs to buckle up.

Airbag Indicator – A person with their seatbelt on and a ball in their lap. There’s a problem with one or more of your airbags or the whole system.

Headlight Indicator – Two sideways jellyfish. Your headlights are on.

High Beam Indicator – A sideways jellyfish. Your high beams are on.

Fog Lamp Indicator – A sideways jellyfish with a line through it. Your fog lights are on.

Washer Fluid Indicator – A windshield shooting out liquid. The washer fluid is low and needs to be refilled.

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