Many new cars are equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. You can access your iPhone or Android phone right through your infotainment system. Your phone’s interface will appear right on the screen.

  • 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Apple CarPlay
  • 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Android Auto

You access so many of your apps while on the apps on the go. Then, you’ll keep your eyes on the road and not your phone. Here’s everything you can do with smartphone integration:

How to Use It

You can access Apple CarPlay or Android Auto by plugging your phone into a USB cord and then into your car. Some cars also have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Then, you can hook up your phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Wireless smartphone integration is a newer feature, but more and more car manufacturers are adding it to their line-up.

You can access your apps through the screen or with physical knobs/buttons. You can also use voice command with the help of Siri or Google Assistant. It’s as easy as saying “play jazz music” or “”take me home.” Then, you can focus more on the road and not your phone. You can also customize your home screen to only show the apps you want to use.

What Can You Do With It

You can do so many things with your phone when it’s connected to your car. All of your apps are recognizable and super easy to use. You can make phone calls and send text messages to keep in touch with family and friends. Siri or Google Assistant will read out the texts you receive. Then, use speech-to-text to send one back.

You can access your personal music library with Apple Music or Spotify. Search through playlists and choose exactly what you want to listen to. And, use Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze to navigate anywhere. You’ll know exactly what traffic is like so you can choose the best route. You can also access podcasts, audiobooks, news, your calendar, and settings.

What’s the Difference

The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto home screens look different and use different apps. For instance, Apple phones use Apple Maps and Android phones use Google Maps. But overall, they both have the same functionalities and achieve the same goal.

These Phones Are Compatible

Apple CarPlay works with iPhone 5 and up. Android Auto works with all phones with Android 10 and up. If you have Android 9 or older, you have to download the Android Auto app from the Google Play Store. Your phone has to run on at least Android 6.0 to use this integration.

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