Ram is building a fully electric 1500 pick-up. The new EV will be available in early 2024. It will have around 500 miles of total driving range and a super quick 0-60 time. It will also offer fast-charging of up to 150 kWh per hour.

Electric Ram 1500 Truck

The truck will have a new EV frame that puts all batteries and motors under the vehicle floor. That will leave even more space in the cabin. Ram CEO Mike Koval says this EV will surpass all other electric trucks, including the Ford F-150 Lightning and Hummer GMC EV.

The Lightning only offers up to 300 miles of driving range. Chevy has also promised a Silverado EV that will only have about 400 miles of range. Ram plans to sell an EV version of all of its vehicles by 2030. The brand is releasing the first-ever fuel cell commercial van later this year.

The new 1500 is one of many new EVs planned by Stellantis, the parent company of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. Jeep is working on an all-electric Wrangler and plug-in hybrid Grand Cherokee 4xe. Dodge is also building an electric muscle car.

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