The sun is out, the air is warm, and Americans are gearing up for big summer road trips. Driving is cheaper than flying, especially if you have a big family. And, you can take in sites all over the country. Follow these steps to make the most of your travels.

1. Inspect your vehicle.

Make sure you’re up to date on all routine maintenance. Then you won’t have any costly breakdowns. Top off your oil and tire pressure. Check your battery, lights, air conditioning, and more.

2. Bring a safety kit.

This should include flares, jumper cables, a jack, and a flash light. Blankets and coats to keep warm. Food and water in case you’re stranded. A portable cell phone charger. And other essentials.

3. Plan your route.

Know exactly where you’re going and what stops you’re making. Be sure to check road closures and weather conditions. Share your route with someone you trust.

4. Book hotels.

Do your research and find hotels that are clean and safe. You’ll get a better deal if you book ahead of time. And you won’t have to worry about no vacancy.

5. Be flexible.

Things happen in an instant. A road closure, an accident, or bad weather. Be ready for anything, and have some wiggle room with your time. There may be landmarks and other stops you didn’t plan for that you don’t want to miss out on.

6. Keep your eyes on the road.

Always watch out for what’s in front of and around you. Then you’re in total control of your car, and you can react quickly if something happens. Let someone else handle the music and navigation. Don’t text and drive. And don’t get distracted by your passengers.

7. Focus on child safety.

All children under 13 should ride in the back seat. Anyone under a certain height or weight needs a safety seat. Never leave your kids in the car unattended. And never leave them in a hot car.

8. Take frequent breaks.

Getting out of the car every once in a while is good for everyone. Especially the driver. Pull over every few hours to stretch your legs. And for a bathroom break.

9. Limit driving at night.

It’s harder to see at night. And you don’t want to fall asleep behind the wheel. Pull over and rest when you’re tired. Or let someone else drive.

10. Have fun.

Don’t stress about things that are out of your control. And remember, your mood affects others. Just relax and enjoy making memories with your loved ones.

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