Value Your Trade

One of the biggest things people tend to overlook when they’re buying a new car is their trade in value. Many people don’t understand how much money they’ll actually save by trading in their vehicle. Not only do we offer great trade in values, there are numerous other benefits you’ll get from trading in you vehicle. You’ll find tax savings, repair coverage, time savings, and a safer experience. Get the best trade in value for your car with us and save money on your next vehicle purchase. You can even flat out sell us your car. Complete the form below to find out the value of your vehicle or read on to see some of the benefits to trading in your car.

Save Money with Better Trade In Value

You can actually save money with our trade in values over a private party sale. One of the things people don’t realize is that their trade in value gets amplified by tax savings that the process provides. If you sell your vehicle through private party and purchase a $30,000 car, you’re going to be taxed on the full amount of the vehicle price. For a $30,000 car, you’ll pay $2,137.50 in taxes. However, when you trade in your vehicle, you only pay taxes on the difference between the purchase price and the trade in value. If you trade in a car with a $20,000 trade in value for a $30,000 car, your taxable amount is the difference of $10,000. By trading in your vehicle in this scenario, you’ll save $1,425 in taxes alone. That’s not a bad deal. The tax savings from trading your car in are often larger than the difference between private party sale value and trade in value.

Avoiding Repairs Means Better Trade In Value

Selling a car that is in need of repair can be very difficult, if not impossible. With us, we make unloading your car easy. When you trade in your vehicle with us, we’ll cover the repair bill for you. Just bring your car to our shop and get an estimate for the repair. We’ll cover the repair when you trade your car in with us. No hassle, no problems. Get yourself into a new trouble-free Chevrolet or Cadillac or one of our highly-conditioned used cars.

Save Time With a Trade

Private party sales can be extremely time consuming and require loads of effort. You’ll have to research, price, post ads, and deal with loads of shady and scammy phone calls. That’s never fun. If you’re looking to take advantage of a limited-time incentive, you’re probably not going to make it if you try and sell your car yourself. Meeting incentive time-limits is another way you can increase your trade in value.

Trading In is Safe

Safety is an important benefit to trading in your vehicle. When you’re dealing with strangers over the internet or leaving your car parked out on some lot, you should be concerned. If you trade in your vehicle with us, you won’t have to worry about meeting strangers, driving them around, letting them drive your car, or going to their unusual shops. With the savings you’ll get with tax incentives and our trade in values, there’s no need to risk yourself and your vehicle.

Trade In or Sell Us Your Car

There are numerous misconceptions about trading in vehicles. Many people fail to recognize the tax incentives available, the time it takes to sell a vehicle, and the overall ease of the process. By trading in your vehicle with us, we’ll help you get into a new Chevrolet or Cadillac with great value. Or, you could simply sell us your vehicle without even purchasing a new one. We’ll be happy to give you an appraisal, so come on by today for an assessment of your trade in value.