2018 Jeep Cherokee American-Made Index

2018 Jeep Cherokee Named Most “American-Made” Vehicle

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What could be more American than a Jeep? Well, according to Cars.com, nothing! Jeep has earned the top spot on Cars.com’s “American-Made Index” once again. Last year it was the Jeep Wrangler this year it’s the 2018 Jeep Cherokee that came in at number one. So what makes the Cherokee so American? The Cars.com American Made Index takes into account …

2019 Jeep Cherokee Car Seat Check

2019 Jeep Cherokee Scores All “A’s” In Car Seat Testing

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The 2019 Jeep Cherokee is many things: an off-roading and water fording beast, a comfortable long-haul road tripper, and a gas-efficient city vehicle. But did you know that this SUV is also a perfect family vehicle? In a recent test, the new Cherokee scored “A” in all categories of car seat checks. Cars.com recently put the 2019 Jeep Cherokee to …

Jeep Meetup

Jeep Is Now Officially A “Cult Brand” and Here’s Why

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Jeep was recently recognized as a 2018 “Cult Brand” Honoree at the annual Society of Cult Brands event in Alberta, Canada. Jeep has had a very loyal following over the years and has done a great job with keeping true to their brand. Other brands honored at the event include Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky, Gatorade, Snickers, Vans, and Playstation, but …

2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk For Sale in Forest Lake, MN

2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Conquers Off-Road Obstacles

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The 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk provides everything you need to take on an adventure, on or off the streets. This midsize SUV is back with fresh style and modern tech, as well as all the familiar Jeep capability you need. The off-road Trailhawk trim is especially adept at taking on new challenges and mastering new trails! Autoblog writers took the …

2019 Jeep Cherokee

Official 2019 Jeep Cherokee Photos Revealed

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The first thing we notice about the new Cherokee is that the headlights have been merged into single units on each side. The previous model’s headlights were split up. This gives the 2019 Jeep Cherokee more of the conventional look that the current Compass and Grand Cherokee are sporting. Other mild style changes have also been made to the front …

2017 Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler

From Camping to Commuting: Do You Want a 2017 Jeep Cherokee or Wrangler?

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Summer is a great time to load up your SUV and make a break for your favorite camping site. If you have adventure on your mind while you’re looking for a new car, you might find yourself drawn to a classic SUV like a Jeep. If you’re stuck wondering which version of this iconic off-roader is right for you, we’ll …