Vehicle Detailing

Is your vehicle looking a little under the weather? Do you clean it regularly, but it just never looks as good as it could? Let our professional vehicle detailers clean it for you. They will take the time to be sure that your car is as clean as it can be. A drive through car wash just can’t offer the same level of clean that a professional vehicle detailing job can.

Vehicle detailing is really more of a art than you may think. Everything is done by hand to ensure that every inch of your car is clean and properly cared for. We offer a range of options depending on your budget and detailing needs. Below are some of our preset vehicle detailing packages, but we can always add additional services to any package on a piece meal basis. A full description of each vehicle detailing package is listed below.

Complete Exterior & Interior Detail $248 $185

  • Complete Exterior Detail Defined Below
  • Complete Interior Detail Defined Below

Full Exterior Detail $99

  • Hand Wash Vehicle
  • Hand Dry
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Clean Wheels
  • Clean Rims
  • Apply Wax to All Exterior
  • Dress Exterior Rubber and Tires
  • Clean Interior and Exterior Windows
  • Engine Degrease & Cleaning
  • Bug Removal
  • Add $20 for trucks, vans, and SUVs

Full Interior Detail $149

  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Spot Treat Stains on Carpet, Seats (if Cloth), & Floor Mats
  • Shampoo Carpet, Seats, & Floor Mats with Hot Water, Shampooer, Extractor
  • Clean All Plastic, Leather & Vinyl
  • Brush out Vents
  • Clean & Dress, Dash & Console
  • Headliner Cleaned
  • Clean Interior and Exterior Windows
  • Add $20 for trucks, vans, and SUVs

Full Exterior Detail with Paint Sealant $449

Paint sealant is an excellent way to keep the new shine of your vehicle and your paint protected. Paint sealant bonds to your paint and protects it from the outside world. Paint sealants are synthetic polymers that create a barrier around your cars paint that prevents scratching, fade, and oxidation. Paint sealants last significantly longer than waxes. For those that want the ultimate in paint protection, opt for our exterior detail with paint sealant.

  • Includes Everything from “Full Exterior Detail”
  • Paint Sealant Application

Interior & Exterior Package Detail $184

  • Includes Everything from “Full Exterior Detail”
  • Includes Everything from “Full Interior Detail”

Fabric Protection $399

Keep your carpets and interior fabrics in tip-top shape with our fabric protection treatment. We’ll treat your fabric with protective elements to make sure that it repels spills and maintains its texture and color.

  • Fabric Protection Application

Headlight Restoration $99

Dodge that discoloration and evaporate that oxidation with our headlight restoration. We’ll take your hazy headlights and highlight the road ahead with a crisp, clean lens.

  • Headlight Restoration

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Also Available by Estimate

  • High Speed Polishing
  • Color Sanding
  • Paint Over-Spray Removal
  • Scratch & Scuff Removal
  • Tar & Sap Removal
  • Decal/Sticker Removal
  • Acid Wash (Water Spot Removal)
  • Odor Removal
  • Mold Removal
  • Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal
  • Dog Hair Removal

Hand Wash

Vehicle detailing begins with a hand wash. A mechanical drive through wash just can’t reach everything the way a hand wash can, plus it is much more gentle on your paint.

Hand Dry

After a hand wash, hand drying ensures that no water spots are allowed to dry and remain on your paint. Water spots are little islands of minerals and chemicals that over time can permanently stain your paint.

Interior Vacuum

Our professional detailers will take the time to vacuum your interior thoroughly. Our heavy duty vacuums can pick up more than most household vacuums leading to a better clean.

Windows Cleaned

You want your view to be as clean as your car. We will clean every window and mirror inside and out.

Tire Dressing

This provides that dramatic dark shine to make your tires look better than new. It is surprising how much this simple touch can affect the look or your clean car.

Carpet Shampoo

Over time your carpet becomes a trap for dirt, dust, water, food, and more. Our carpet shampooing will release much more of this matter than vacuuming alone. Plus, fresh, clean carpet will make your vehicle smell more fresh for months to come.

Interior Detail

Vehicle detailing can also work wonders on your interior. More than just simple wiping your interior surfaces, interior detailing is the deliberate and methodical application of surface treatments to bring out the best of your interior. Whether the surface is metal, plastic, fabric, or leather it will look its best when you get it back from us.

Engine Detail

Engine detailing completes the vehicle detailing job. Over the years, thousands of miles of driving in the spring, summer, fall, and winter can wreak havoc on your engine compartment. Dirt, dust, mud, oil, and much more can coat every surface and even contribute to premature failure of various components. Engine detailing will remove most of these contaminants and make your engine compartment as clean as the rest of your vehicle.